Posting a Nine-hole Score to an 18-hole Handicap Index

Q.  How do I post a Nine-hole score to my “18-hole” Handicap Index?

A.  Each nine holes on a golf course has its own USGA Course Rating™ and Slope Rating®. Make sure to post the nine-hole score with the appropriate nine-hole USGA Course Rating and Slope Rating. Two nine-hole scores will eventually be combined to create an 18-hole score and be designated with the letter “C” (e.g., 85C).

Nine-hole scores are combined in the order that they are received into the player's scoring record from any club or from any combination of nines, regardless of score type. For example, a front nine middle tee score could combine with a front nine back tee score made from any course.

NetHandicap provides ability to combine 9 hole scores into 18 hole rounds.

Courtesy of USGA


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