Course Handicap Explained

Q.  What does a Course Handicap represent?

A.  A Course Handicap represents the number of strokes needed to play to the level of a scratch golfer—or the Course Rating™ of a particular set of tees. A Course Handicap is expressed as a whole number (e.g. 12).

Course Handicap is determined by using charts located at the golf course where the round is to be played. In addition, a Course Handicap can be calculated by these methods:

Course Handicap Calculator:

The USGA Handicap System Reference Guide:

Handicap Index® multiplied by Slope Rating® of tees played, divided by Standard Slope Rating (113) = Answer (rounded to nearest whole number, .4 rounds down and .5 rounds up)

Example: 10.4 Handicap Index x 125 Slope Rating / 113 Standard Slope Rating = 11.5 = 12 Course Handicap


Courtesy of USGA


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